About Us


About Us

Denver Granite is a family-owned and operated business that has more than 17 years of experience in the granite  industry, We provide our customers with some of the finest quality natural stone and precision craftsmanship available in  Denver, Colorado. Our people consist of a team of highly trained,  knowledgeable, skilled craftsmen, who work closely with our sales and  design team so that together they exceed our customers expectations.

Throughout the process of sales, design support, fabrication, and installation, Denver Granite is committed to the highest standards of  quality and customer service!


We will provide you with the best countertops, thanks to an advanced  fabrication process using automated bridge saw machinery. Other  fabricators resort to dry-cutting in order to save time however, this will result to low quality finishes on the stones edges which produce a bumpy and uneven finish, as well as dull appearance. With our automated  bridge saw technology, these problems are eliminated. The machinery makes use of water and a diamond blade. Since a computer controls it, the line of the edge is perfect, while keeping a constant pressure on the stone resulting in a smooth, even, and polished edge.

Custom designs

We understand that our customers have a variety of design ideas and we will provide you with the opportunity to customize your countertops in order to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

The selection of the color of the material is just one step in the  process. Granite comes in a variety of patterns and colors in a single  batch and you will get to choose the slabs that you desire.

We offer a wide variety of edge profiles that you can use to change  the appearance of your countertops. You may select from beveled edges, ogee edges, straight, waterfall, or even chiseled edges, as well as many  other traditional designs to choose from, so that you have the final  say on the appearance of your new countertop!

Our Goals

Our business is to enhance the beauty of any home, office or commercial project  through natural stones. The inspiration and goal of this site is to  effectively serve all your stone needs. It is designed to eliminate time  and distance, and allow us to interact with you instantly. We are  dedicated to the quality of our job and we hope to be able to have a  long-term business relationship with you.